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              colour Maureen            Gordon           Webster at 2 months

I am a wife (Gordon) and mother (Brad) and proud owner of a Schnorkie named Webster.

I am a grandmother by proxy for four amazing and adorable grandsons.

I am an artist and designer.  These endeavours bring me great satisfaction and the reward that others really seem to enjoy what I do.  I have won several awards for my design work and my jewelry.

I am a nurse educator with many years of experience in health care, specifically; mental health, addictions, diabetes and geriatric care.  I have won 2 leadership awards for my work in palliative care and mental health.  In 2015 I retired from Nursing to create Mixed Media jewellery as a full time career.

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  1. I am your AZ.neighbor, Carol. As a fellow artist, although in a different media, I am truly impressed by what I have seen so far. Unbelievable style and flair! You certainly have the flair for your imagination!

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